CDC Alcohol and Public Health

The Center for Disease Control strengthens the community’s knowledge and prevention of excessive and underage alcohol consumption.  It also provides research and studies that assess the aforementioned activities and relationship with high-risk behaviors.

Life of an Athlete Wisconsin

This program is dedicated to providing students with information regarding the negative impact alcohol has on high school athletics as well as on their lives.

Operating Alcohol Age Compliance Checks in Wisconsin 

This article highlights the importance of alcohol age compliance checks and how it significantly reduces rates of underage drinking. It also discusses the importance of sustaining this practice.

Outlet Density: Limiting the Concentration of Retailers Selling and Serving Alcohol in Your Community

In Wisconsin, municipalities regulate many of the elements influencing the local alcohol settings.  This article discusses dynamics of the community that are highly populated by drinking establishments.

Public Impairment Ordinances in Wisconsin

This document explains the importance of what these ordinances were created to do and which counties currently have them in place. These regulations sanction public impairment while taking steps to assure the safety of the intoxicated person.

Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility

This book explores why alcohol use by young people is extremely hazardous to themselves and to the community at large. It illustrates the risks of drinking and unsafe behaviors that are commonly paired with alcohol consumption.

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking (2007)

Call to Action is a science-based report to encourage action nationwide to prevent and reduce underage drinking.

The Burden of Excessive Alcohol Use in Wisconsin (March 2013)

Excessive alcohol consumption in Wisconsin is a public health problem that affects everyone. This study estimates the economic cost of excessive alcohol consumption in Wisconsin and by county using a national study.

Underage Under the Influence Ordinances in Wisconsin

This article describes the laws of underage drinking in Wisconsin and the difficulties law enforcement faces in actually issuing citations for the activity based on parent/child privilege or giving false information based on the location of actual consumption.

Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project (University of Wisconsin Law School)

The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project provides training, tools and technical assistance to municipalities, law enforcement, public health and community groups working to improve the alcohol environment.