Coalition Building (Strategic Prevention Framework)

In 2008, Marshfield Clinic Center for Community Outreach (now known as Center for Community Health Advancement) staff developed a series of learning events and corresponding tools to assist coalitions in the implementation of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) within local communities.

Key concepts of Mobilizing for Action: Strategic Prevention Framework – Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation and the companion tools are designed to assist coalitions in their efforts to implement the SPF and to assist coalitions to be prepared to obtain funding through a variety of funding sources, including the Drug Free Community (DFC) Support program.

Capacity, the second step in the SPF process, forms the foundation for building a solid community plan and is the key to a community’s success in combating substance abuse. Marshfield Clinic staff developed Mobilizing for Action: Building Capacity in Your Coalition, a multi-chapter workbook that provides tools to assist coalitions in this important step.