kNOw Meth Kickoff

January 11, 2018

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Ojibwe Grand Ballroom, Room 330, Davies Student Center

77 Roosevelt Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54702

The kickoff was hosted by Marshfield Clinic Health System, Northwoods Coalition and the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Justice.


kNOw Meth Campaign Hopes to Tackle Meth Use in a New Way

New State Campaign Aims to Stop the Demand for Methamphetamine

DOJ Pledges $50k for Meth Fight


Conducting a Successful Public Awareness Campaign


Northwoods Coaltion kNOw Meth Report

Northwoods Coalition kNOw Meth Kickoff Program Booklet

Superior High School Drug Testing Booklet

Superior High School Suspicionless Random Drug Testing Program Summary