Methamphetamine Summit

April 3, 2017

Heartwood Conference Center & Retreat

N10884 Hoinville Road, Trego, WI

Nearly 280 participants from 32 counties, seven tribes and 31 coalitions including tribal and state government, prevention, law enforcement, human services, treatment and recovery and more, attended the Northwoods Coalition Methamphetamine Summit April 3 at Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat in Trego to address meth use. The Summit was hosted by Marshfield Clinic, Northwoods Coalition and the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth in collaboration with Wisconsin Department of Justice and Northcentral Technical College.


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Closing Note: Dr. Narayana S. Murali, MD, FACP, Executive Director, Marshfield Clinic,  Chief Strategy Officer, Marshfield Clinic Health System



Program Booklet

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